Class in March 2010

I am excited to have a class in March! Each class is completed in 4 consecutive 3 hour sessions for $225. The fee includes the classes and materials (text, CD & handouts). In order to reserve a spot please email or call me with your name and contact info (phone and email) so that I can send you the appropriate information. Also don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

March 2010 - First class to start Saturday, March 13th (9am - 12pm)
The following 3 classes TBA. Contact me if you would like to enroll in the class and would like your schedule considered in the planning.

*If you have conflicts with this schedule and would like to take a class please contact me to discuss options.

**Discount available for clients with limited income and will be discussed on a case by cases basis.


Lempskies said...

Shanda, you'd be so proud of me. (I'm proud of myself!)

Our 3rd baby was born at home with a FABULOUS midwife. It was a marvelous, quiet, beautiful birth.

Thanks for being one of the few homebirth moms I know- it gave me courage to chose that option & we were thrilled we did!

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