I had a wonderful time working with Lara and her husband Joe in HypnoBirthing class! After she told me her beautiful story of the birth of her second son I asked her to share her feelings on this blog. I Hope this inspires others to try HypnoBirthing!

Our second baby, Isaac, was born a week after we finished the last session with Shanda. I had a good birth experience with our first, however I did not know that a birth such as the one we had with Isaac was even possible. Using what I learned from classes with Shanda, I was able to relax during labor so much that we did not even realize how far along we were. I was waiting for unbearable pain as I remembered with my first, but it never came. Shanda taught the principles of positive attitude with the practical relaxation techniques so well that we could enjoy labor naturally and as nature intends women to. My baby came to us healthy and alert and latched on immediately after birth. I wish every woman could have the peaceful birth experience we did by taking Shanda's class and seeing the birthing experience through completely different eyes. Lara Buckwalter


Kate said...

Lovely reading about these stories, Im currently listening to my hypnobirthing downloads and reading about the wonderful stories of those that have already had this wonderful experience.

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